Session 1

Our party were forced to leave the Elven settlement of Helbor, with a string of creditors in their wake. Using pretty much all of their remaining currency to buy passage on the Sea Sprite (see prologue), they arrive in Castor. This fishing community lies on the East coast of the isle of Mamara. Our intrepid band consists of Duncan Cobb, a Dwarven cleric, Elandir, an Elven fighter mage, Caliban, an Elven thief and Ranulph Bryll, a grizzled human ranger. Castor’s sole purpose is the catching and processing of Yabel fish and the production of fish oil. The fish is caught, prepared and sold by the hardy people of this small community. This precious commodity has made the village prosperous in many respects. The band are deposited on the stone wharf serving the fishing trade where they are approached by the harbour master and his weasely associate. Ranulph is not in a mood to deal with small town bureaucracy having been confined to a small ship for three weeks and heads straight for the village’s general store which also serves as hostelry. The hour is early and the fishing fleet is still out so the reticent ranger is soon nursing a drink on his own. Caliban, meanwhile, works on charming the harbour master and is soon looking to secure employment for the group, learning of a potential problem with Goblin raiders attacking caravans crossing the island. This information was gleaned from some profitable flirting with a group of nearby fishermen’s wives, decked out in leather aprons with mail gloves and formidable knives . Caliban then joined the rest of the group who by now had made their way to the general store as well. Before they could enjoy the peace and quiet for too long, the fishing fleet returned and the general store was soon filled by a mass of formidable fishermen, draining mugs of ale as quick as the bar staff could fill them. Caliban took the opportunity to slip out and return to the harbourmaster’s office to offer the groups’ services to rid the island of Goblins. He soon spots a small safe which may warrant more of his attention. He slyly notices that the old man wears the key to the safe around his neck. Suitably intrigued by the possibilities on offer, the wily Elf negotiates with the harbourmaster to deal with the Goblin problem. Settling on terms highly beneficial to the administration, Caliban notes the pile of coins in the safe as the harbourmaster makes a down payment on the deal.

Meanwhile, Elandir has perhaps foolishly entered into a drinking contest with one of the burlier fishermen, skipper of one of the boats. The local rotgut, Scrutters , is the weapon of choice. The trawler captain, Osiric, and the theatrical elf take drink after drink until finally the human collapses in a heap! The party sense that this is a good time to back out of the store while the remaining trawler crews drink themselves into a stupor. The party return to the store a while later to top up equipment before heading out to track down the Goblin raiding party. The group walks out of town, following the ancient cobbled road to the north. Their information gleaned from locals suggests that the Goblins have taken over the ruins of Mamara’s castle which lies at the end of the road. Having walked steadily for the rest of the day, the group camp when evening comes. Before long, the familiar calls of Gibberlings can be heard echoing around the forest at the fringes of the road. The group set a fiery perimeter and await the attack. A medium band of Gibberlings throw themselves upon the groups’ defences. Before long, half of the creatures are dead or dying and the remainder withdraw. The group resume their rest, recover arrows and so on and await the dawn.

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